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RJH Mission, Vision & Core Values

Every student will exit RJH at grade/mastery level in Reading and Mathematics.  
RJH provides grade-level academic experiences for all students and promotes positive personal and social growth. 
Core Values 
Compassion, Balance, Faith, Growth, Integrity, and Respect.

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Thank You

Thank You

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! RJH has the best team of professionals holding us together. Thank you for everything you do for our students, staff, parents, and your admin team!
0 Period

0 Period Begins on 8/18/22

Does your Trojan have 0 period?! If so, 0 period begins tomorrow 8.18.22. Zero Period enters through the pool gate starting at 7:05. Please drop off your child in the parking lot on Poso and North Valley. The gates close promptly at 7:15 so please do not be late! If your child is late they will be considered very tardy and not be able to begin their day until 1st period.

¿Su troyano tiene periodo 0? Si es así, el período 0 comienza mañana 8.18.22. Período 0 entra por la puerta de la piscina a partir de las 7:05. Deje a su hijo/a en el estacionamiento de Poso y North Valley. Las puertas se cierran puntualmente a las 7:15, ¡así que no llegue tarde! Si su hijo/a llega tarde, se considerará muy tarde y no podrá comenzar su día hasta el primer período.
1st day

Things to do to Get ready for the first Day 8.17.22

Trojans.. it’s the day before school! Here is your list of to-dos:
Read the student handbook found @
Come to school at 5pm or later to check the list posted for your homeroom class
Go to bed early
Set an alarm
Check to see if your outfit follows the dress and grooming code
Gates open at 7:45am and the first bell rings at 8:05